Friday, June 19, 2020

Institute Security Corporation

So, we're overdue for the weekly dev blog update, but I'm still at a bit of a loss for what to actually write. Partly this is because we've just been plodding along working on the planned stuff for this month. Nothing terribly exciting has happened, there are no unexpected problems or unusual circumstances getting in the way.

I suppose I could mention that the NPC generator settings have gotten some attention. The menu now "remembers" your last settings rather than showing the default, so it'll be less confusing. You can also access the generator settings during a game now, so you can change the settings on the fly. This won't affect existing NPCs of course, but the new ones that are generated each night will use the updated settings.

We're still working on some fun relationship stuff, as well as some other content and neat stuff (more about that in the previous post). So that's all I've got for you for now. 

Thanks as always for your support!



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