Friday, June 5, 2020

The Yummy Release - v0.35 Change Log

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Yummy release!

We've got fun stuff for you in this release, along with some general quality improvements. It's been a strange month in terms of development because we sort-of interrupted ourselves with the development polls. That said, I think we've ended up with a really good release for you guys this month. Our expanded staff is really speeding things along, so we've got a lot of new content in addition to the other work we've done.

The new content is spread out pretty well, with some taking place in relationships, and others being general or event content found elsewhere. You can now attend a church sermon for a mental status boost, explore the adult district, try your hand at being a camgirl (incomplete), lock yourself in stocks, send your chastity key through the mail, visit the Muschi Valley Animal Shelter to play with some pups, get a massage at Fairy Tail, and more. Be sure to take a look at the list of changes below if you'd like to find it all.

Our quality improvements are pretty wide-ranging as well. We've made some significant improvements to the save setup to increase reliability. We improved the male NPC portraits so that they now match the female portraits. We added a lot of new clothing items that can be displayed on the paper doll, to better show a wider range of styles. We improved the way mental statuses work with bad ends and fixed the "Doom Clock" so that it is more functional and easier to save yourself from a bad end. We added in Female-Start character templates, and also created the female start prologue skip. We improved the AI for NPCs proposing to advance their relationship with the player. 

We also started using a new time tracking app this month called Clockify. We had been having issues with Toggl for some time and decided that it was a good time to switch now that we were adding a new developer.

Note that this is only part of the month, and does not include freelance writers because we pay by text character and not by working time.

We need to do a little work on improving our timekeeping habits, as we've gotten out of practice in the last few months. Some of the "coding" tasks really fall more in the "content creation" category as well. Improvement is a process, and we'll get better.

That's probably enough words from me... Let's get to the changes. 

We hope you have a lot of fun with this release!

Known Issues

We're allowing backward compatibility with saves from version 0.34, despite the improvements to the save system and changes to NPC portraits. If you have issues with your save from v34, they can carry forward to this version when you load the save. If you notice bugs or other weird behavior, please try starting a new game. Additionally, NPC portraits from NPCs generated in a v34 game will look pretty weird and/or messed up. This won't hurt anything, and new NPCs will slowly be generated with proper portraits as the game progresses.

The new camgirl side job content is still in progress, and there are likely to be some "rough edges" with it.

Spamming the creation of new NPCs by interacting with many temporary NPCs (which are turned into full NPCs when you talk to them) can cause mass NPC suicide as the game attempts to maintain NPCs at a limited quantity


Words: 2,352,922    Text Characters: 14,186,950
Lines of Code: 200,697
Body Portrait Combos: 64,880,640

  • A womb-healing procedure is now available at the Gestique clinic.
  • Improvements to the game save system to make saves more reliable.
    • Forces SugarCube to marshal State data prior to saving.
    • Now saves temporary variables and loads them to prevent saving from interrupting an event/process that uses them.
    • Some improvements to save loading code, including better integration with SugarCube.
  • Changes to SugarCube so that temporary State variables are no longer erased on passage navigation.
    • Variables are now reset during the player's sleep.
    • Increases game stability.
  • Improvements to the Doom Clock system.
    • Getting emergency treatment with Dr. Lecter will now properly remove any mental status doom clocks.
    • Doom clocks are now easier to remove by improving the corresponding status, though this still takes some effort.
    • A doom clock will now properly wait for the full period listed on the status icon hover text before starting the bad end.
    • The handling of doom clocks has been unified, preventing duplication and ensuring more reliable behavior.
    • Triggering a second doom clock (such as becoming over-stressed while already depressed) will now result in an immediate bad end.
  • There is now a detailed encyclopedia entry on doom clocks and managing mental statuses (over 1,000 words).
    • A reminder to check the encyclopedia is included in the doom clock icon hover text.
    • Contains information on "over" status conditions and detail about how individual mental statuses work.
  • Status mechanics improvement.
    • Code for each status will now more reliably remove "over" conditions such as "over-stressed".
    • Removing doom clocks and "over" conditions, and gaining "over" conditions, is now recorded in the mental status change records (accessible from the character status menu).
    • You can now receive a bad end from being over-aroused while mind-broken.
      • Mind break and the bad end both represent a level of brain damage, so can not be fixed simply by lowering arousal. You must visit Dr. Lector for healing.
  • New arousal brain overload bad end.
    • Dark, with a story detailing your--short--life after getting the bad end.
  • Drinking alcohol while pregnant now harms fetuses.
  • A faded icon now appears in the date interface when the NPC is not ready for your relationship to progress.
    • It makes it clearer that proposing to make your relationship more serious probably won't be received well.
  • New clothing images for the wardrobe paper doll.
    • 25 new clothing images, primarily skirts, dresses, and legwear. 
    • The starting sweats now appear on the paper doll
  • Prologue-skip functionality has been added for the female start.
  • You can now save and load female character templates. Woo!
  • Expanded the game's churches.
    • Attending a sermon will now take you to a scenario screen.
    • There are now 2 sermons for each church (with room for more).
  • Overnight environmental effects now report more sane numbers in the mental status records.
    • Each category is now given a 0 to 10 score for how it contributes to the environmental effect. 10 is good, 0 is bad.
  • The pharmacy shopping interface has been fixed so that adding an item to your cart will no longer cause the window to scroll to the top of the list.
  • Added a favicon for the game browser tab... not sure why we hadn't done that already, to be honest.
  • You can no longer be shamefast and be liberated, a slut, or an exhibitionist at the start of the game. (You can still gain these kinks in-game, however.)
  • You can now explore the Adult District of Appletree.
    • There are 8 different outcomes or things you can stumble upon, with odds varying by time of day.
  • Cheat NPC Editor added to the game for [cheats] and [elite] builds.
    • Found in the cheat menu, under the NPC tab.
    • It allows you to change the NPC's body, kinks, mutations, fertility, and some other assorted variables.
    • It works pretty well by itself, however, you should avoid using it in the middle of events or dates to prevent potential issues from occurring.
  • The Muschi Valley Animal Shelter has been added to the Industrial District in Appletree.
    • You can go there to meet and play with the animals.
    • 4,000 words of content available here for Besty fans.
  • A new Laptop home item has been added to allow working as a camgirl.
    • Content for various requests and such are still being created, there are currently 6 special requests you can fulfill.
    • Popularity will increase as you perform shows successfully, which can increase the amount you earn from fulfilling a special request.
    • Popularity will decrease over time when you aren't doing shows.
    • This isn't intended as a job replacement, but rather a way of earning extra money.
    • Expect balance changes to happen in the future that affect the popularity and income amounts.
  • New Vow system added to the game.
    • The system is intended to allow the player and NPC to make promises to each other about their married life. 
    • The system currently supports 22 vows.
    • It is not yet possible to discuss or enact these vows with an NPC.
  • Story threads expanded with 32 new NPC stories about the NPC's past.
  • More than 5,200 new words in small map events, they are much more diverse now.
    • Smol map events are little snippets of text found in map locations about something happening there.
  • New option to become the Dom or Sub of an NPC you are in a relationship with.
    • You can propose this in the serious talk option during a date.
    • The NPC will write you with some tasks if you are committed into a BDSM relationship as the sub.
    • The NPC can become your keyholder.
    • Dates are affected by the dom\sub state of your relationship.
  • A new "stocks" item is available from the Prude shop.
    • They allow you to do a lot of fun things during the home date (> 1000 words).
    • The stocks include consensual and non-consensual options that can heavily affect your relationship with NPC.
  • You can send your chastity keys through the mail now.
    • Better hope they get back in time...
  • The game will now tell you why some options are disabled in the dialog menu while hovering over them.
  • Unique NPC Institute Operative Robert Craig added.
  • Tanning was added to the balcony.
  • Changes to residential pool and tanning, better affect on stats and also some skill checks and rising now.
  • Fairy tail massage parlor can be visited now to get a massage.
  • Male NPC portraits were remade from scratch.
    • No more blocky males, the new style is similar to female NPC portraits.
    • If you load an old save portraits of NPC your character already met can act super weird, sorry for that!
  • NPC proposal code was modified to better follow NPC preferences and personality traits
  • Added telescope item to peek at... the stars and moon. (1000 words)
  • The Appletree Industrial District now has a proper map and better passage description.
  • The game tries to prevent accidental closing or using "go forward\back" browser buttons.

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