Tuesday, June 2, 2020


We're hard at work getting ready for the version 0.35 release on Friday, so I'll keep this post super short and just focus on some previews. See you in a few days!

An example of a new church service (the shortest one) at the Church of Man.

In the cheats and elite version of the game, there will be a new NPC editor that allows you to change some of the variables for any NPC. Right now this is mostly related to their body, kinks, and mutations. This is the work of our new dev Anenn, so it's a work-in-progress ;)

There are 22 new clothes items I added to the paper doll over the weekend, focusing mostly on skirts, dresses, and legwear, but also a couple new tops. I might complete a few more before release, just so that the clothing is more representative. 

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  1. Hello,

    Not really related to the post, but at some point I figure I will try my hand at modding. I am not really a modder myself and have many questions in regards to this, but I think the most important at the moment is: would you recommend waiting until the full release?

    I have seen some resources on the main website and forum, but I am unsure on how up to date this is, and if these cover the scope of what I would intend. I also imagine that there is some difficulty in developing a mod for something that is in active development itself.


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