Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Bug Hunting - v0.27.1

Hello everyone,

We had a couple annoying bugs with this release. Not game-breaking, but annoying. It was mostly with the new changes we implemented in version 27. Because we focused on fixing those first, I thought I'd go ahead and do an incremental release. Nothing major as far as new content goes, but it should be more enjoyable without the player-character energy problem.

Original Version 0.27.0 Change Log is HERE.


  • Energy bug has been fixed.
    • Player now properly has a maximum energy amount based on their body and athleticism, and an "effective" maximum energy which also considers the player's health, depression, late-term pregnancy, very large breast size, gestation acceleration treatment, excessive lactation, drug addiction, etc.
    • Max energy will never go below a value of 2, however having only 2 energy won't be enough for moderate to high-intensity exercise.
  • Several minor errors in the updated medical district have been corrected.
    • You can now properly get general health treatment.
    • Bug with attending regular psychiatry appointments has been fixed.
  • An error with calculating lactation breast size and max size has been fixed.
    • This will remove issues some players have experienced where breast size is inconsistent.
  • Besty has expanded the cooking system a little bit further. (Or broke it, who knows?)

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