Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween!

We've been hard at work on version 28, and are still expecting to release on the 2nd as planned. Well, as long as something truly crazy doesn't happen like a zombie outbreak or something on Guam, lol.

There's been some new craziness in my personal situation, but since it's not really affecting development and we're busy getting ready for 28, I'll wait before saying anything about it. For the immediate future--the next few months--it's unlikely to cause any problems or delays in development. Because of my commitment to transparency in development though, I just wanted to let you know that there's been a negative development in my wife's health situation. 

It does seem like I've hit a rough patch of luck over the last few months, but I really do hate the idea of being "that developer" that's always complaining about something or making excuses. My goal is and has been to make sure we have a solid plan and contingencies to handle these sorts of situations. I think we've done pretty well so far, we haven't had any serious delays in overall development due to our personal situations. For the most part, we've even been really good about hitting our release dates, with only a few delayed releases over the last couple of years.

That said, sharing all the negative stuff that happens in our lives does tend to give a negative impression about our commitment. We can't really change that, so all we can do is continue to do our best to make the very best game we can. As always, thank you so much for your support. Emotionally, I can't really express how much of a difference it makes not only in development but in my life as well. Thank you!


  1. Life's tough. You have my respect and my condolences. Keep on persevering.

    Also please send the post image into the sun.

    1. Thanks... As for the image, I can't help but keep wondering WHY someone would make a mask like that, except that it IS pretty damned disturbing, lol


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