Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Keep Going Mom

Hello everyone, It's time for another update. 

It's been pretty hectic in my life lately, with everything going on with my family, but I've still been hard at work on AW. In addition to writing new content for the schools that didn't have content yet (Maid Pouffiasse, Oldest Profession, Mrs. Fubb's Parlor), I've also been able to play through a solid chunk of gameplay to search for bugs. Fortunately, I didn't find any major ones, but I did pick up on some minor ones, as well as a couple that wouldn't be obvious without developer tools. Besty as well has been spending some extra time looking for bugs. It's good to spend some time on a more careful bug check every so often.

The more interesting thing I've been working on is the addition of children to AW, something that I get asked about a lot. Right now you still won't be able to interact with them (until we get the creche up and running with some writing), but you can name your children after birth, and keep tabs on them via the social menu.

The children are now proper objects, with physical characteristics determined by the parents on a by-child basis. And for "unknown" fathers, we use a part of our procedural generation code to generate a suitable 'father' for genetic purposes based on Appletree's demographics. The only caveat is that if you are gestating children from Progenerate via the fecundate division or being a part-time surrogate, you won't be able to track or visit them because they're not your children.

Besty has also added an interesting organization to the game, something called the U.S. Fert Corps. A sort-of grassroots organization promoting citizens to do their part in making new citizens. It's... unique, to be sure. There's at least one event in the game already where you encounter some of their members. :D

That's about all I've got for you in this update, we'll keep working towards v28!

You might catch a new documentary if you watch some Appletree TV.

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